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New: Lilou 2

Lilou 2 is a revisited version of Lilou, the initial plan dating from 2005. The purpose of this re-design was on the one hand to improve the characteristics of the boat, especially with hull lines ensuring better stability, a water ballast to improve seaworthiness and have a light boat on the trailer, a self-draining cockpit at the […]

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Mesker, a new sail and oar dinghy

I propose a new design, of the semi-dory type, to be built in traditional lapstrake way. Drawing and building description are included in a special issue of the French magazine “Le Bouvet“, dédicated to wood lovers. Discover here.

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Svilen Alexandrov, Voordewind Ltd, Bulgaria

Svilen Alexandrov, Navy captain (Retired) is a new partner. We have signed an agreement in September 2018. He founded Voordewind Ltd, with the aim of starting the production of small wooden boats with the help of EU funding. The company focuses on the boats designed by me. Voordewind is able to build wooden boats as well […]

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Dabbler Sails

Dabbler sails

Dabbler Sails is an American sailmaker located in Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay. He has already made sails for several boats built on my designs in the USA, in particular, Ilur and Youkou-Lili. It is a small one-man loft, specializing in traditional small craft sails. As per the pictures and the report from boatbuilders, he […]

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Wooden Boatbuilding Sheets

Wooden Boatbuilding sheets translation into English

All my plan packages include a set of Wooden Boatbuilding sheets giving general instructions on subjects like epoxy systems use, making laminated frames, spilling the hull planking, traditional rigs, painting and varnishing… These “sheets” come from a book on wooden boat construction published in French some years ago. I do intend to have them translated into […]

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Launching at Skol ar Mor

Twice a year Skol ar Mor, a wooden boat-building school, launches the boats built by its students in the small port of Kercabellec in Mesquer, France. At the end of January, boats built during the first half of the school year are launched. On January 27, 2018, two boats were launched, a rebuilt of a […]

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LogoBAARCA PerVivier01

Giovanni Isopi, Italy

Giovanni Isopi, is an engineer with experience in research and development in the automotive industry. Always passionate about woodworking, he designs and restores traditional small boats. In 2017, he decides to unite the two experiences and creates Baarca. Mixing tradition and innovation, Baarca’s main objective is the development of small wooden boats, both beautiful and […]

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Morbic 11 Bow Bulkhead

Morbic 11: a new, strip planked design

Up to now, I proposed several designs of small boats, tenders or sailboats, from 7 to 12 feet: Morbic 8, 10, 10.5, 12. All have a plywood lapstrake planking. At end of 2016, an American home builder asked for a strip planked version and a boat light enough for easy transportation but still a good […]

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Koalen 18 38

New design: Koalen 18, a traditional pocket cruiser

Koalen 18 is an enlarged version of Koalen 17, built 4 years ago. She is larger, with accommodation for 2. Inspired by the traditional fishing boats of North Britanny, France, she is a very pretty gaff cutter. The first unit has been built by Grand-Largue boat-builder. Another is presently under construction in Russia, with a […]

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3 Ilur In Maine

Three Ilur gathered in Maine

These last years, more and more “vivierboats” are built in various countries and in particular in North America. So, I can not resist publishing this photo recently posted on Facebook. Three Ilur are gathered. As John Hartman says, the gathering is the Small Reach Regatta, held on the Maine coast for sail and oar style boats. […]

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My Morbihan week 2017

I just returned from the Morbihan week to which I participated aboard my Pen-Hir. Morbihan week is a major maritime festival and traditional boats gathering in France, held every two years. I enjoyed this 2017 edition. It confirms what I have already noted last summer in Douarnenez: a steady improvement in the quality of boats. […]

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Grand-Largue gathering, May 2017

For the second time, Grand-Largue invited its clients to a gathering weekend for boats built by the French boatbuilder. 9 boats took part in 2017: 1 Méaban, 4 Stir-Ven 22, 1 Beniguet, 1 Clin d’Oeil, 1 Bounty and 1 Ilur. All are Vivier designs with the exception of the Clin d’Oeil. The flotilla left Saint-Briac […]

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Kernic Voile 02

Kernic, a new sail-and-oar team boat

Kernic is sail-and-oar tems boat, that is to say sized for a crew of 5 to 6 people. There is 3 rowing thwarts, two rowers in the centre thwart side by side, and then one forward and one aft. This plan was asked for by my Australian partner, Tony O’Connor, located in Perth area, for sea scouts […]

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Amateur boatbuiding awards at HISWA 2017 boatshow

The Amsterdam Boat Show, HISWA, was held in early March in the Netherlands. The organisers, in cooperation with the English magazine “Watercraft”, have awarded prizes for the best amateur constructions. There was a classification for boats under 5 m and one for boats over 5 m. In each category, 3 boats were awarded and were […]

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Efficient sculling oars drawings

In the autumn of 2016, Thomas Spriet, the friendly boss of “A l’Abordage“, a French online shop that offers “everything for the classic and traditional boat” asked me to draw a st of sculling oars which are made for him and he markets on his website. I have gathered all I had on the subject and […]

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Gozzo in mare

7 m latin sailer for sale in Italy

This Gozzo was bought in 2003, first full refit including new engine Volvo Penta. Second full refit after sinking in 2008 in the harbour due to bad weather (insurance report available with all details). Regular maintenance Y/Y with utilisation limited in July and summer every year. Planned refit in spring 2016 of the hull. Boat […]

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Stir-Ven Kelpie

Stir-Ven “Kelpie” for sale

Stir Ven 22 sail #42 named “Kelpie” was built by Stanley Robert in Tasmania, Australia and launched in 2013. Built from CNC cut Austral Marine hoop pine plywood (hull), BoteCote epoxy, Celery Top pine and other rare Tasmanian timbers (including native cherry, leatherwood, King Billy pine, myrtle). Spars (Mast, boom, gaff) are from Douglas Fir. […]

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Geoff Kerr, Two Daughters Boatworks

Two Daughters Boatworks, USA

Geoff Kerr is the builder/owner of Two Daughters Boatworks in Westford, Vermont. He has been a full-time builder for 25 years and have built and deliver over 50 boats, as well as completing miscellaneous repairs and restorations. His most frequent work has been Oughtred double-enders. He has been sailing his own Caledonia for 21 years. […]

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Morbic 8 to 12: dimensioned drawings and download

Two new things about the Morbic range, from the Morbic 8 tender to the Morbic 12 sail and oar: Plan packages now include dimensioned drawings of all plywood parts. Then, the boats may be built from the plan package only. Full-size patterns and CNC cut plywood kits are still available. They allow making the construction […]

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Stir-Ven 19 Vogue

Stir-Ven 19 plans are available

Several Stir-Ven 19 have been built by Grand-Largue boat-builder in France, but plans for home builders were not released. Actually, this requires additional work to make detailed building instruction, including some changes to take into account the feedback from the first boats. Smaller than the “historical” stir-Ven (now named Stir-Ven 22), Stir-Ven 19 keeps all […]

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Méaban Lesath

VivierBoats at the Southampton BoatShow

Grand-Largue boatbuilder, my “historic” partner in France is present at the Southampton Boatshow (16 to 25 September 2016). A recently built Méaban will be displayed. Adrian Donovan, a British boatbuilder is also present with the Morbic 12 Cadfael.  

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Tilting pillars to build Ebihen 15/16

When building an Ebihen, Icarai boatbuilder had the idea to assemble the boat structure upright, and then turn over the hull for planking. Then, the boat is suspended to two pillars, allowing for tilting it on either sides, allowing a more confortable work. Up to now, this method was explained in my plan, but leaving […]

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Skol ar Mor launching, January 2016

Skol ar Mor is a high-level school, training traditional marine carpenters. During the 2 years course, the apprentices are building several boats, in order to learn various wooden boat techniques. In January, the school launch boats built during the first half-year, generally small boats. A team of 3 was in charge of each boat. In […]

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Gabian: a lateen rigged boat

For many years, I had in mind to draw a Mediterranean boat, named pointu or barquette on the French Med coast. Michel Aubert, living in the countryside near Fréjus and Cannes, gave me the chance. As most of my designs, I did not try to draw a true replica of a given traditional boat, but […]

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Swedish clinker dinghy for sale

Stella maris est un canot à clins, en chêne massif verni, construit par Evald Olsson (Suède) en 1989. Il est en bon état, vernis refait récemment, gréement de sloup au tiers. Longueur 4 ,86 m, largeur 1,77 m, tirant d’eau 0,30 cm, remorque de route 2007, pompe de cale électrique neuve, taud hivernage, avirons. Visible en Loire-atlantique (France, Nantes […]

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Three fingers down!

“… I received the plan of the boat. We started with my son in early August the construction by the building frame. We were proud of ourselves and result. We then start cutting the hull parts. Everything was going well when …. 3 fingers down. Emmergency, ambulance, hospital, fingers transplantation. 6 days of waiting and anxiety […]

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