1. Vivier boats are inspired by the best traditional or classic boats of Europe and North America. I do not propose hundreds of designs. I do prefer to concentrate on excellent ones, which are permanently improved. However, I am always prepared to draw something new to answer your particular needs.
  2. Above all, I want boat-builder and/or boat-owner to be proud of his boat. To draw a beautiful, lovely, authentic, but also seaworthy, fast and reliable boat is my main concern.
  3. Boats are also designed to cope with today’s way of life. Most designs under 7 m (23′) are trailerable. Many have a well for outboard in an optimum position. Other may be fitted with diesel engine of electric propulsion.
  4. I always give to customer the best support, to choose the right design, to help during construction and even to get the best of your finished boat, without any extra charge. I do my best to give a quick response.
  5. Plan package allows easy construction, even for the first time builder. No lofting, no special tools required, no difficult woodwork. You have the best opportunity to get a boat with a professional looking. Plan package includes detailed and clear drawings, comprehensive instructions, accurate material lists, all at the very best level.
  6. In addition to plan package, you may buy either full scale patterns on polyester film or kit of plywood parts cut on NC machine. They are the best way to avoid mistakes, save some plywood panels, get a well shaped hull and gain a huge amount of time.
  7. You may find free or cheap plans on the web. But most are ugly, not adapted to available supplies, not complying to regulations, without any building instruction… Buying a good plan package, as well as patterns or kit, avoids wasting material and above all ensures a satisfying work. The plan is your first expense in a boatbuilding project, but at end it is only a small amount of the overall budget and you will be fully reward. At the helm of your boat, you will never regret the money spent for a quality plan !
  8. Wood and plywood are mostly chosen as the building material. Well engineered and associated with modern products, as epoxy system or polyurethane paint, it is by far the best choice for the home builder and does not require more care and maintenance than a mass produced GRP boat. Wood is also light and far stiffer than GRP, and therefore is ideal for trailerable boats.
  9. All plans meet the EU rules and ISO standards, the highest references for safety. All open boats are fitted with generous buoyancy located to help righting up and bailing out water.
  10. My boats are intended for both amateur and professional building. Boatbuilding partners are located in western Europe. Elsewhere, it is always possible to find a good professional.