Svilen Alexandrov, Voordewind Ltd, Bulgaria

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Svilen Alexandrov, Navy captain (Retired) is a new partner. We have signed an agreement in September 2018. He founded Voordewind Ltd, with the aim of starting the production of small wooden boats with the help of EU funding. The company focuses on the boats designed by me.

Voordewind is able to build wooden boats as well as is allowed to market in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey all by my design boats, boat kits (in particular NC cut plywood kits) and boat plans for home builders (plan package, full size patterns, study plans).

Captain Svilen Alexandrov is able to advise buyers or builders speaking Bulgarian or similar slavic languages. He translates some plans in Bulgarian. He gives, when required, translation of plans or documents, or at least a glossary of technical terms.

Mobile: +359 888 71 41 01

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