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All my plan packages include a set of Wooden Boatbuilding sheets giving general instructions on subjects like epoxy systems use, making laminated frames, spilling the hull planking, traditional rigs, painting and varnishing… These “sheets” come from a book on wooden boat construction published in French some years ago. I do intend to have them translated into English, but this is a huge work and, up to now,  I did not find the time to do it. This winter, I have been very happy when an American customer, George Alheid, intending to build a Seil 18, send me a translation of these sheets.  He doesn’t speak French and used Google translation, and corrected the
sheets to make them readable. Up to now, I did not have the time to make my own correction. The document, as it is, is far from perfect, but will certainly be very valuable for other English speaking builders.
I deeply thank George for this volunteer work that he agrees to make available to all.
Of course, I still have in mind to publish fully updated sheets, and it will be easier.

Wooden Boatbuilding Sheets in English

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  1. Paul Jewell

    Many thanks to George for translating, and to you for sharing! Much appreciated! It brings me one step closer to making the commitment to get the plan and starting!

  2. Lyle Denit

    Merci beaucoup a M. Vivier et aussi a M. Alheid pour ce document. J’aime beaucoup les bateaux de M. Viviers. Le ne les ai jamais vu en personne, malheureusement, bais je les regarde bien souvent en ligne.

  3. Kelly

    Je vous remercie!

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