Diben 23, back from the Morbihan Week

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Diben 23 is a boat traditionally built to my plans by Skol ar Mor, a wooden boatbuilding school, and launched in 2020. She had since been sheltered while waiting for a buyer. Skol ar Mor exhibited the boat in Port Navalo during the Morbihan Week 2023. Participating in the Morbihan Week with my own Pen-Hir, we sailed together out of the Morbihan Gulf, bound to Pornichet for me, to La Roche Bernard for the Diben 23, where it is currently visible. It was an excellent opportunity to take some beautiful photos, which I let you discover, and to see this boat’s superb performance, which was very much appreciated by its crew for the day. Seven meters long, Diben 23 is an excellent and beautiful boat for day outings and coastal cruising.

Diben 23 is for sale; you will find a detailed description here.

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  1. Francois Vivier

    Diben 23 was designed for traditional construction.
    With some additional design work, it is possible to build it using modern methods, for example, strip planking over laminated frames.

  2. Peter

    Is the hull built with wooden strips or plywood version is avsilable too?

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