Proposed plans, patterns and kits aim at allowing all people having some “do-it-yourself” ability to built a boat, and even a beautiful boat. I have myself built several boats and I always do my best to design boats which are not only easy to build but also are a source of great satisfaction, and at the end, the reward of sailing during many years on a boat you have built yourself.

For all boat, you may buy all of only part of the following items:

  • The study plan, which is excerpts from the plan allowing the buyer to have a more precise knowledge of the boat, the construction process, the detailed content of the plan, before buying the plan itself. Depending on the boat, it contains 30 to 60 pages. Therefore there is no need to buy the study plan if you are already buying the plan.
  • The plan, or building plan, which is a package including all documents to build the boat: drawings, instructions, material lists, etc… The copyright allowing a home builder to built one boat is attached to the plan.
  • The full-size patterns printed on polyester film, which are a complement to the plan. They may be only an option to make construction easier or a required extension of the plan.
  • The kit, a set of materials which, at the very minimum, includes plywood parts cut on a numerically controlled machine. The kit has been designed by myself but is marketed by partner companies, in most case boat-builders also able to propose “ready to sail” boats.
  • CNC files allow a builder to have plywood parts cut by a local company. They are now for sale for many boats and have been used on many cutting machines in the world, without a problem. If any trouble, I will help to fix it and will refund if not possible.