Lowering the hinged mast on Pen-Hir

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Most of my designs of gaff-rigged cabin sailers are fitted with a tabernacle, allowing raising and lowering the mast. On the smaller boats, Stir-Ven 19, Jewell, Beniguet, the mast may be raised without difficulties, provided a good preparation. But on the larger ones, Meaban and mostly Pen-Hir, whose bare mast weight 30 kg, and much more with fittings, shrouds and halyards, it is much more tricky. Without some specific equipment, three people are required. Step by step, I have developed a rig to do the job single-handed, which is useful by this lockdown period! This improves also the safety, as this kind of manoeuvre is risky. A crew is still better, but not essential, at least to move the mast when down on deck.

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  1. Peter Tatarinov

    Thanks for sharing that! Great tip on keeping the shrouds tension by changing their fixing point!

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