My job is to design boats and then to market plans as well as full size patterns. I have a network of partners, marketing kits and/or able to build a boat for you. Some partners are also marketing plans and are able to give translation and/or assistance in your language
If you intend to order a kit, you may get in touch with me, as my partner may need some files and pieces of information.
I am interested to have other partners, able to sell kits in more and more countries, and I will consider any demand.
You will find here-under the list of partners.

Giovanni Isopi, Italy

Giovanni Isopi, is an engineer with experience in research and development in the automotive industry. Always passionate about woodworking, he designs and restores traditional small boats. In 2017, he decides…

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Enrique García, Spain

Enrique García, Shipshape Carpinteros de Ribera, is a Spanish builder, located on the northern coast, in the region of Santander. He is able to build all types of small boats,…

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Two Daughters Boatworks, USA
Geoff Kerr, Two Daughters Boatworks

Two Daughters Boatworks, USA

Geoff Kerr is the builder/owner of Two Daughters Boatworks in Westford, Vermont. He has been a full-time builder for 25 years and have built and deliver over 50 boats, as…

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Norseman AS, Norway
Erik Klepsvik

Norseman AS, Norway

Last year, I've been contacted by Erik Klepsvik from Norway, willing to have a Jewell built for his own use. Erik owned a Storm 19, from Swallow Boats (now Swallow…

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Atelier Nautique Richelieu, Canada

Louis Ducharme, Atelier Nautique Richelieu, is a new partner. Located near Montreal, Quebec, he is able to build "VivierBoats", as well as provides CNC cut plywood kits. Our cooperation started…

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Ross Cameron, UK
Ross Cameron and Ilur at Southampton boatbuiding show 2015

Ross Cameron, UK

I am happy to welcome a new partner, Ross Cameron. After a career in biotechnology, Ross makes a boatbuilding training at the International Boatbuilding Training College [IBTC] in Lowestoft. Then he…

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Woodtec Boats, Greece
Woodtec Boats logo

Woodtec Boats, Greece

Woodtec Boats is a new partner. We have signed an agreement in augist 2015. Woodtec Boats was founded by two enthusiastic builders/sailors, Nikos and Thanassis, specializes in building high quality wooden boats (sail or power) using modern wood-epoxy methods. (more…)

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BKR, Peter Tatarinov, Russia

Peter Tatarinov is a new partner in 2015. Located near the Baikal lake, he is able to build wooden boats as well as providing CNC cut plywood kits. He uses mostly birch plywood which is very stiff and a good choice for modern wooden boatbuilding. (more…)

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Duckworksmagazine, USA

Duckworksmagazine is firstly a web magazine with plenty of posts for home builders and small boats users. Chuck Leinweber was my first representative in the USA, selling my plans as well as…

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Arwen Marine

Emmanuel Conrath founded Arwen Marine a few years ago, to market plywood-epoxy boats kits. Actually, he is the French representative of Chesapeake Light Craft ( CLC), USA, who is probably the…

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Jordan Boats, United Kingdom
Photos of the Skiff World Championships 2013 in Loch Broom Scotland by Steven Gourlay Photography

Jordan Boats, United Kingdom

Alec Jordan (Jordan Boats) is specialized in CNC plywood cutting. He works with several boats designers and is leader in UK. In particular, he has contributed to the development of the…

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Ben Ullings, The Netherlands

Ben Ullings is a builder of handmade wooden boats. He has built several Seil 18 and also others boats on my design: Morbic 10, Morbic 12, Ilur and recently a…

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Clint Chase, USA

In 2010, Clint Chase became my partner in the USA, as I was seeking for somebody able to market CNC cut kits. In 2011, Clint came in France and participated…

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Grand-Largue, France

Grand-Largue est mon partenaire historique. Cela a commencé avec le premier Stir Ven en 1998. C’est avec Pierre-Yves de la Rivière que nous avons fait les premiers pas vers la…

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Stefan Lauckenmann, Germany

Stefan represents myself as well as Grand-Largue Boat-builder in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. He is himself owner of an Ebihen 16 built by Icarai. Therefore, he is able to advise…

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Hewes & Company, Maine, USA

Marine Projects Manager (Hewes & Company), Gardner Pickering, has spent 18 years in sail and powerboat construction yards as lead carpenter, boat boss & project manager. Hewesco (Hewes & Company)…

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De Bootbouwer, the Netherlands

Bert Reyntjes (de Bootbouwer) is my first partner out of France, and also the first one in term of number of plans sold. We started our cooperation in 2004 and…

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