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Erik Klepsvik

Last year, I’ve been contacted by Erik Klepsvik from Norway, willing to have a Jewell built for his own use. Erik owned a Storm 19, from Swallow Boats (now Swallow yachts) and was looking for a bigger boat. The Jewell was finally ordered to a Lithuanian boat-builder, AmberBoat. Construction is progressing and the hull has been turned over in April 2016 and is scheduled for completion by the end of May. This boat is the first step toward a more ambitious project: marketing traditional boats built with modern wood-epoxy techniques in Scandinavia. Selling kits is also part of the project. Erik represents boat designer François Vivier in Scandinavia, and is also working with designer Iain Oughtred. A website, written in the Norwegian language, is already online.

Phone: +47 982 13 705
Web site:
Nedstrandsgata 85A, 4015 Stavanger, Norway


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