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Geoff Kerr, Two Daughters Boatworks

Geoff Kerr is the builder/owner of Two Daughters Boatworks in Westford, Vermont. He has been a full-time builder for 25 years and have built and deliver over 50 boats, as well as completing miscellaneous repairs and restorations. His most frequent work has been Oughtred double-enders. He has been sailing his own Caledonia for 21 years. His work has ranged from Chesapeake Light Craft design prototypes for John Harris to building a Paul Gartside one-off motor cruiser and a modern, yacht grade reproduction of Monroe’s “Egret”. In 2016, he built an Ilur, using a CNC cut plywood kit made by Hewes and Co and has an order for a second one. Therefore, I am very happy to welcome Geoff who is able to build all my designs.

2211 RT 128, Westford, VT 05494 USA
Phone: 1 802 849 6579

Ilur built by Geoff Kerr
Ilur built by Geoff Kerr

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