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Emmanuel Conrath founded Arwen Marine a few years ago, to market plywood-epoxy boats kits. Actually, he is the French representative of Chesapeake Light Craft ( CLC), USA, who is probably the first boats kits sellers in the world. The Arwen Marine best seller is the Skerry. 55 Skerries are already sailing in France in September 2015. Emmanuel takes part of most “sail and oar” gatherings in France.

In 2013, Emmanuel asked me to design a new boat, larger than the Skerry, and better suited to the French market. This Silmaril is strongly inspired from the american whitehall. Emanuel has included a water ballast and the construction is almost 100% marine plywood to be light. I have supplied the CNC cutting files, including many holes in order to allow to assemble the hull with stitches. Silmaril is now proposed as kit or complete boat.

In 2015, Arwen Marine has built the first unit of one of my new design, Gabian, a meditterranean boats with latin sail.

1, rue de Roye, 60280 Clairoix, France
Phone: +33 (0)6 80 37 50 18

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  1. Francois Vivier

    It is a good idea!
    Please get in touch directly with Arwen Marine.
    Kind regards

  2. George murray

    Would like to build this boat

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