Photos of the Skiff World Championships 2013 in Loch Broom Scotland  by Steven Gourlay Photography

Jordan Boats, United Kingdom

Alec Jordan (Jordan Boats) is specialized in CNC plywood cutting. He works with several boats designers and is leader in UK. In particular, he has contributed to the development of the St Ayles skiff, a sea rowing boats drawn by Iain Oughtred. This boat is extremely successful, with many races organised in different countries. 200 kits of this boat have already been cut!

Alec is able to cut any kit for all my plans. For boats not already cut, you will have to wait a little in order for me to provide files, allowing Alec to make a quotation.


Unit 1 Upcot Farm, Bicknoller, Taunton, TA4 4EY, United Kingdom
Phone : 44(0)7983 225517
Email :
Web site :

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