Nearly 50 plans allow you to either build yourself a boat specially designed for amateur construction, or to have it built by a professional. Choose a plan among the proposed categories. Each plan includes a very comprehensive building manual.

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The blog, the news

Lancement de bateaux Sko ar MorDiscover news, boats projects, construction in progress, naming ceremonies (photo) and launchings, traditional boats gathering, technical advice…

Services and projects

Thonier Biche après restaurationThe projects that illustrate the services that I can do for you: custom boat design, yachts or traditional boats restoration, sail plans, hull lines measurement, surveys, regulatory studies …

Learn more

stir-ven-19Learn more about the content of my plans, wooden boatbuilding techniques, traditional rigs, types of proposed boats, sites to visit and “10 good reasons to buy a Vivier plan, kit or boat“

My partners

Découpe numérique de panneaux de contreplaquéI have a network of partners, marketing kits and/or able to build a boat for you. They are able to give translation and/or assistance in your language

Second-hand boats | New boats

Youkou Lili, le premier voile-aviron personnel de François VivierYou will find hereunder some second-hand boats built on my plans or in the same spirit. If you want to sell a boat, please get in touch. New boats are boats just built by a wooden boatbuilding school or a professional boatbuilder.

Production boats

IMG_1014It is possible to buy all boats listed my boats plans catalogue from an appointed boat-builder. In addition some boats, mostly built in grp, are marketed as “ready to sail” boats and shown here.