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Trailerable classic cruiser, 6.8 m long

Hull length / waterline   6.82/ 6.33 m Sail area    28 m²
Breadth / waterline   2.30/ 2.00 m Outboard    5 to 8 hp
Draught    0.47/ 1.45 m Design category / Crew    C4 / D6
Light weight (including motor) / ballast    1175/ 315 kg Building time (with kit)    1500 hours
Drawing See photo albums
Meaban is a trailerable classic cruiser, with accommodation for 3 or 4. The centreboard is designed in order to pivot under the cockpit sole, avoiding a cumbersome centreboard case in the middle of the cabin. This allows both a large cockpit for day cruising as well as minimum but very practical accommodations with a small galley, many lockers, a toilet between fore berths, a sliding chart table and a foldable dinner table.

A well for the outboard engine is built aft of the cockpit, with the motor handle at helmsman reach. The propeller is just ahead of rudder for good manoeuvrability. A 4 strokes – 4 to 6 HP – motor may be installed and is completely hidden under the aft deck.
The cockpit is self-draining for safety.

To be trailerable, the boat needs to be light, keeping a minimum ballast for stability. That why Meaban is built on an “egg box” structure, with longitudinal and transverse bulkheads made of 10 mm marine grade plywood. The bottom planking is a developed plywood panel. The side planking is cold moulded with 4 mm vertical strips of plywood over longitudinal stringers. The planking is lightly sheathed. Alternatively, Meaban may be strip planked.
Meaban is proposed with a gaff sloop rig but a bermudian rig is also possible if preferred.

The first Meaban, made by home builder Thierry Fouchier, was launched in the Basque country in April 2006. The boat performs very well and gives full satisfaction to his owner, both in term of speed and sea-keeping.

Meaban is a modern boat, considering construction techniques and ability to be trailered. But, as for all my designs, I wanted to draw a true classic, beautiful and suited to another way of sailing, away from modern marinas. For instance, the low draught makes Meaban an excellent boat for visiting small drying harbours. Legs are provided to that purpose and a stowage place is arranged under the cockpit.
Several Meaban are presently under construction in France, Germany, The Nederland, Australia, Philippines, Poland and China. See the blog of Marcin Wolny, in Polish but with many self-explanatory pictures.

Watercraft magazine shows Meaban within a review of pocket cruisers.


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