To buy materials and necessary equipment is not always easy, particularly for those which build far from the sea. That is why I developed in co-operation with boatbuilder partners, kits, generally “à la carte”, allowing to buy all which you need. That allows also good cost savings by avoiding the increase of transport charges, the purchase of small quantities at the full price, etc…

Kits allow good cost savings by avoiding the increase of transport charges, the purchase of small quantities at the full price, non-appropriate supplies, etc…

The “core” of kits is the set of plywood parts cut on CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine. Only the best marine plywoods are used. As the length of plywood panels (usually 8′ or 2.44 m) is smaller than the hull planks or some other parts, zig-zag or puzzle joints allows assembling the parts easily, with just gluing and eventually a local epoxy sheathing. For clinker of “stitch and tape” boats, hull planking strakes are cut with precision at the final dimension. Only ends require some cut-out and adjustments. The CNC kits include also cheap plywood parts to make the building jig as well as building supports and patterns. All my designs are made with CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools, allowing a high precision and reducing adjustment tasks to a minimum.

If there is no kit seller in your country, it is possible to find yourself a firm able to do the job. More and more companies have the appropriate cutting machine: joinery, signs makers…. In that case, I may send the cutting files. Please get in touch.

You will find on my photo album sketches showing assembly sketches of several boats: Ebihen 18, Ilur, Pen-Hir, Koalen 26.

The suppliers are selected in agreement with me to be certain to have only well-adapted products.

My historic kits partners are Icarai and Grand-Largue in France, but I have more and more partners in several countries around the world. They are able to provide you with the following:

  • Plywood panels
  • Sawn timbers for hull and spars
  • Glue, resins, cloths, paint
  • Screws, bolts and other hardware
  • Centerboards and ballast keels (galvanized, stainless steel or cast iron)
  • Specific fittings on my design
  • Fittings, rigging
  • Sails
  • Trailers
  • Outboard motors

Most of them are also able to build a boat, ready to sail or to be finished, to make masts and spars, etc…

I am interested to have other partners, able to sell kits in new countries.