The laying out of the boat is one of the most challenging stages for a first-time builder. This is why I propose for many designs full-size patterns for the sections, stem, transom and often for other parts, including bevels and as many helpful details as possible. You have to lay out the transparent pattern on the panel to be cut, to transfer the tracing, and you can engage in your construction with the most significant facility. Patterns come from computer-aided design tools and are very acute. When appropriate, bevels are also marked on the patterns.
The patterns are printed on polyester tracing paper (also said mylar), untearable and non-sensitive to moisture changes. They are sent by post in cardboard tubes to avoid any deterioration during transport. I use to send them to all parts of the world. Shipping time is generally under two weeks in the more distant areas.
Patterns are particularly suited to strip-planked hulls over laminated frames. For boats built with a plywood structure and clinker-planked hulls, I recommend the plywood kit or CNC cutting files, except if you are located in a place where it is difficult to ship a kit. For the largest boats, particularly cabin boats, I strongly recommend the plywood kit as handling, marking and cutting several tens of plywood panels and several hundreds of cutting length meters takes several weeks and is not at all rewarding work.
Please note that patterns give the shape of parts giving the shape of the hull or parts with complicated geometry. Parts that may be measured on-site when the hull is already assembled are not included: deck parts, seats, berths…