Proposed plans, also named “building plan” or “plan packages”, are sets of documents not limited to only drawings as marketed by some other boat-designers. My plans are very comprehensive in order to allow all people having some “do-it-yourself” ability to built a boat, and even a beautiful boat. In general, you will find in the plan the following content:

  • A chronological guide, with pictures and/or sketches, indicating the documents (below) to be referred to at each stage.
  • General drawings of the boat.
  • Detailed drawings, for example centreboard case or specific fittings.
  • Plans with offsets of the sections, stem with its bevels, extended transom, and even profile of hull planks.
  • Attention: some plans do not include dimensioned plans of sections. In that case, full-size patterns or kits are proposed and they have to be purchased with the plan. In such a case, a notice is always given in the plans catalogue.
  • Plans with precise instructions to give your suppliers (sailmaker in particular) ensuring you the best possible result (functional and aesthetic).
  • List of plywood panels with nesting diagrams to make the best use of those panels.
  • Detailed lists of sawn timber.
  • Detailed list of fittings, with pictures.
  • “Wooden boatbuilding sheets” which constitute a real illustrated book (about 50 pages) explaining each stage of the construction, step by step. Note: at time being, these sheets are not translated into English but equivalent information may be found in English books on boatbuilding.
  • Last but not least, a free telephone or e-mail assistance is proposed to each purchaser.

The copyright allowing to build one boat is attached to the plan.