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  • Study plans are extracts from the plans allowing the buyer to have a more precise knowledge of the plan content. If you are ordering the building plan, you do not need to order the study plan.
  • The Building plan is the basic document to build the boat. It includes a free telephone or e-mail assistance.
  • Attention: building this boat requires a numerically cut plywood kit.
  • You may also buy the CNC cutting files allowing you sub-contracting the kit to a local company
  • The kit is to be ordered from one of my partners.
  • Postage and VAT, if applicable, are included in the shown prices.


Power skiff 4.8 m

Hull length / waterline 4.81 / 4.32 m
Breadth / waterline  1.80 / 1.40 m Outboard motor 4 to 20 hp
Draugth 0.18 m Design category / Crew C3 / D5
Light weight / with motor 160 / 220 kg Building time 200 hours
Attention: this boat may be built only with a numerically cut plywood kit or full size patterns in addition to the plan.

Kerisper is a classic powerboat for day sailing and fishing, in sheltered waters as well as in open sea. She is designed to be:

  • Stable and seaworthy, with a generous freeboard at the stem. You may stand up without fear.
  • Practical, in particular with a flat bottom allowing easy launching and recovering. The stem overhang facilitates recovering on the trailer, as well as coming on board on the strand keeping the feet dry.
  • Sturdy but light, to ease handling.
  • Transom able to receive a 20 hp outboard motor, giving a 18 knots speed. A 6 hp motor is enough to propel this light semi-planing hull.
  • 13 knots speed with a crew of 3 with a 10 hp motor measured on the first unit, giving a very low gas consumption.
  • Optional console for steering.
  • Large locker forward, to stow equipment.
  • Modern and simple design using the stitch and tape method, allowing a beginner to build the boat. Construction is made from a CNC plywood kit, with all part cut at final dimension and including holes for stitching. A detailed building manual is part of the plan package.
  • The sheerstrake (upper hull plank) overlap the previous plank (as a clinker construction) to give a better look.
    Safe with its buoyancy compartments at boat ends.
  • May be simply used with oars.
  • And all this with a traditional look!

A first unit has been built in France from a kit made by Grand-Largue boatbuilder. Other Kerisper are under construction. Kit available from my partners In several countries.


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