Morbic 8 to 12: dimensioned drawings and download

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Two new things about the Morbic range, from the Morbic 8 tender to the Morbic 12 sail and oar:

  1. Plan packages now include dimensioned drawings of all plywood parts. Then, the boats may be built from the plan package only. Full-size patterns and CNC cut plywood kits are still available. They allow making the construction easier and quicker, improving the quality and reducing the risk or error. Using dimensioned drawings reduces the cost of the project.
  2. Plan package of these boats, an other to come, will be available as a download (pdf files). It is already done for Morbic 10 sail version. You will get the plan immediately after order and will be free to print them according to your needs. Of course, paper prints sent by mail are still proposed.

Photo : Le pretty Morbic 10 built by Julien Moal.

Note that a new Morbic 11, strip planked built, is to be released shortly.

Links:  Morbic 8, Morbic 10/10.5 tender, Morbic 10/10.5 sail


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