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Jeanne J, chaloupe de Noirmoutier

Hull length: 9.40 m Breadth: 3.10 m Displacement : 10.7 t Sail area : 77 m² Noirmoutier is an island located just south of river Loire mouth. Due mainly to salt marshes, Noirmoutier has been for many centuries an important center of maritime trade and fishing. Jeanne J is a replica of the traditional boats which were very […]

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Corentin, chasse-marée de Quimper

Hull length: 17.2 m Breadth: 4.96 m Displacement : 69 t Sail area: 217 m² Quimper is the main historical city of western Brittany, located uptream of river Odet. It was an important harbour in the days of sail, but today the inhabitants have forgot this maritime past. An association decided in 1990 to build a […]

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La Belle Angèle, chasse-marée from Pont-Aven

Hull length: 14.55 m Breadth: 4.5 m Displacement : 35 t Sail area: 160 m² Pont-Aven is one of these harbour of South Brittany located upstream on tidal rivers. At that time, sea and rivers were the main ways for trading. “La Belle Angèle” is a lug sail coastal trader (Chasse-Marée) designed from pictures of Pont-Aven and […]

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Belle de Vilaine, chaloupe

Hull length: 10.5 m Breadth: 3.5 m Displacement : 18 t Sail area: 97 m² Billier is a small harbour at the mouth of river “La Vilaine”, north of River Loire. Belle de Vilaine is a replica of local fishing boat which were used mainly for trawling. She has been launched in 1994.

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Pettifox sous voile

Pettifox, langoustier de Camaret

Longueur de coque : 10.95 m Largeur : 3.77 m Déplacement : 11.7 t Voilure : 97.5 m² Pettifox est de la même veine que Babar. C’est un peu le même bateau avec un mètre de plus et une volonté plus affirmée de rester très proche du type traditionnel. Les membrures sont découpées et le lest n’est que partiellement extérieur. […]

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Leier Eussa, Ushant pilot

Hull length: 8.20 m Breadth: 2.84 m Displacement : 7.2 t Sail area: 51 m² Admiral Paris, in his exceptional book “Souvenirs de Marine”, has published the plan of a “boat of Ushant, end of 18th century”. Unfortunately this plan contains many discrepancies and inaccuracies. However, an Ushant association decided to build a replica of this boat, […]

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La Pauline, Dahouet lugger

Hull length: 9.48 m Breadth: 3.45 m Displacement : 11.5 t Sail area: 95 m² Dahouet is a small harbour in Saint Brieuc bay, on the northern coast of Brittany. It was very active in the past, mainly for coastal trade and Newfoundland fishing. In 1989 people from there decided to build a replica of a fishing […]

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