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  • Study plans are extracts from the plans allowing the buyer to have a more precise knowledge of the plan content. If you are ordering the building plan, you do not need to order the study plan.
  • The Building plan is the basic document to build the boat. It includes a free telephone or e-mail assistance.
  • Attention: building this boat requires a numerically cut plywood kit.
  • The kit is to be ordered from one of my partners.
  • You may also buy the CNC cutting files (clinker version only) allowing you sub-contracting the kit to a local company.
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Sail and oar dinghy, 4.7 m long. The good compromise between sailing and rowing ability.

This plan is presently available in French only. If you are interested in an English version, please get in touch with the architect.
Hull length / waterline 4.66 / 4.37 m Sail area 10.6 m²
Breadth / waterline 1.56 / 1.32 m Outboard motor 4 hp
Draught 0.16 / 1.00 m Design category / Crew C3 / D5
Light weight 250 Building time with kit 450 hours
Drawing See photo albums

Minahouet, whose first unit was built at the end of 2002 by Grand-Largue boatbuiler in France, is the synthesis of my previous plans, notably Aber and Ilur. I tried to make a sail and oar dinghy, as balanced as possible: good carrying ability for a family sailing, light and moderate width for the pleasure of rowing. New provisions improve the comfort of use: lower centreboard case facilitating the movements of the crew on board, stowage of the oars under thwarts, storage lockers. Two rigs vhave been planned: the classic standing lug and the lug sloop. In the latter case, it is possible to move forward the mast and sails without a jib, making it an ideal rig for solo sailing.

Minahouet is designed to be accessible to a greater number of builders by means of a kit based on plywood cut on a digital machine. Interlocking templates allow one to mount a very precise jig from the first day. The plywood parts, including the 9 mm hull planking, are delivered almost entirely to the definite dimension and do not require any adjustment: farewell the doubts and queries about lofting and bevelling.

I invite you to discover the site of Patrick on the construction and the use of his Minahouet.

A Minahouet has been built by Alan Andrews in UK from a kit made by Jordan Boats.


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