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  • Attention: building this boat requires also full size patterns.
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Pulling boat, for 1 or 2 rowers

Long. coque / flottaison 4.12 / 3.93 m Voilure N/A
Largeur hors bordé / flottaison 1.38 / 1.10 m Moteur hors-bord N/A
Tirant d’eau 0.19 m Catégorie et équipage D3
Poids lège clins 70 kg Temps construction avec kit 180 heures
This plan is available in French only. If you would like to order an English version, please get in touch with the architect to agree a delivery time.
Attention: full size patterns are required to build the boat.
Drawing    See photo albums

Aulne was designed for rowing at sea, lake or river, with one or two rowers. One thwart is fixed and the second one may be shifted, allowing to trim the boat according to the number of rowers and a possible “passenger”.

Built with 4 mm plywood for the clinker version, Aulne is at the same time seaworthy, light, easy to handle and above all very pleasant when rowing. It allows considering outings of several hours and to carry a picnic basket. The boat breadth allows rowing without outriggers, which are not very practical when beaching on a strand with some choppy water. We avoid bad shots in the shins at the landing!

A strip planked version is also available.


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