Morbic 12

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A lovely looking classic dinghy

Hull length / waterline3.67 / 3.35 mSail area7.6 m²
Breadth / waterline1.55 / 1.30 mOutboard motor4 hp
Draught0.17 / 0.78 mDesign category / CrewC2 / D3
Light weight / without rig112 / 80 kgBuilding time with kit240 hours
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Morbic 12 was designed to be:

  • A dinghy, able to take 1 to 3 crew, with a performing balanced lug, as the International 12 feet which has been an Olympic class.
  • A “sail and oar” boat, able to sail anywhere. The moderate size makes Morbic 12 an ideal boat for frequent single handling but she is able to take a crew of 3 and is fitted with 2 rowing thwarts.
  • And also a simple motor boat, with its generous transom width. A cut-out in the transom allows to fit a short-shaft outboard motor.

The small size of Morbic 12 allows such a multi-purpose use. Being light, she may be rowed easily, despite her generous breadth giving stability for sail and motor. Morbic 12 is:

  • A practical boat, the flat bottom making easy hauling on the strand,
  • A modern design, with clinker plywood, for easy construction by a first time home builder,
  • Simple with the pivoting and removable centreboard and minimal structure items,
  • Safe with large side buoyancy tanks,
  • Light and so effortless,

2 rig options : standing lug (picture) or sloop lug (with a jib).
And all that keeping the lovely looking of a classic boat.