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Sail and oar double ended boat, 5 m long, plywood clinker

This plan is available in French only. If you would like to order an English version, please get in touch with the architect.
Long. coque / flottaison4.87 / 4.45 mVoilure6.6 m²
Largeur hors bordé / flottaison1.37 / 1.11 mMoteur hors-bordNon
Tirant d’eau0.19 / 0.75 mCatégorie et équipageC3
Poids lège160 kgTemps construction avec kit380 heures
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Elorn is a boat designed to give priority to the rowing ability, for which it is really very pleasant. It is the sail and oar dinghy to choose by those who want a very versatile boat.
Elorn is inspired by the Norwegian faerings, as well as the American peopods which it has kept the “amphidromous” character: the boat is symmetrical and can go in one direction or the other. When under oars, it is possible, whatever the crew (1 to 3) and the number of rowers (1 to 2), to always find a position where the boat is in an even trim, and therefore with the best performances and seaworthiness.
The oars, inspired by Irish curraghs and improved over the years, make rowing at sea particularly easy, allowing to consider a long course at nearly 4 knots.

Several rigs are possible, based on lug or sprit, with or without jib. A dagger-board gives a good upwind ability.

The hull is clinker planked with 6 mm plywood and is light. This makes a seaworthy dinghy. Elorn may also be built as a rowing boat only, without daggerboard, rudder and rig.


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