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Each boat designer has his style, his preferences, his references. I can not escape the rule. Boats have a story. It is important for me to design boats which refer to a tradition, a culture. This does not prevent to revisit the past and bring my boat the benefits of today’s technology, to make them more convenient, more comfortable, more efficient, easier to build …. I love wood, which is the material that is best suited to one off construction and to fit the owner taste. It is also the most suitable material for the home builders I am trying to encourage. A yacht should not be an utilitarian good. Like a house, it belongs to those who watch at. This is why I borrowed one of my clients compliment he gave me: “boats to make the sea more beautiful.” Learn more about the main boats families I am interested in:


Sail and oar

Before modern times turned everything upside-down, all small boats, whether used for fishing, as workboats, or for pleasure, were propelled by sail or oar. In fact both coexisted, because a sailing vessel always needs a means of propulsion when the wind fails, and no rowing boat, save in restricted and sheltered water, will reject the […]

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Plaisance traditionnelle

La navigation de plaisance est déjà fort ancienne. On a retrouvé à Gokstad une magnifique embarcation viking à 2 paires d’avirons, dont la finesse de ligne et les performances n’en font clairement pas un bateau de travail. Depuis ses origines jusqu’à nos jours, la plaisance recouvre une infinie diversité de bateaux, obéissant à l’approche esthétique […]

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Enez Koalen, Homardier de Loguivy

Heritage boats

Stone constructions like houses, churches, castles, monuments, can withstand centuries and even milleniums. But wooden boats can’t live for such a long time, they can live for an average of 50 years and even less for working boats. Working sail boats disappeared during the first half of the 20th century. Steam trawlers were the first […]

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Power boats

Motor boats have a history of over a century. This is why I offer a range of motor boats inspired by tradition. Do not look for planing hulls consuming large amounts of fuel. However, I particularly like the semi-planing hulls. They are an excellent compromise and can make seaworthy boats, energy efficient, with a speed […]

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