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  • This boat may be built from the building plan only but, in order to ease construction, you may also buy full size patterns, or a numerically cut plywood kit.
  • You may also buy the CNC cutting files allowing you sub-contracting the kit to a local company.
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Small sail and oar dinghy inspired from Norwegian prams

Hull length / waterline3.60 / 2.85 m Sail area6.1 m²
Breadth / waterline1.40 / 1.15 mOutboard motor3.5 hp
Draught0.17 / 0.75 m Design category / CrewC2 / D3
Light weight / without rig87 / 64 kgBuilding time with kit240 hours
Drawing See photo albums
Laita is a small boat, allowing introduction to “sail and oar” sailing. She may be used as a common dinghy, with good sailing ability, but gives, in addition, the chance to row when the wind is missing. The pram hull form, with a bow transom, inspired from Norwegian traditional boats, makes Laita a stable, seaworthy and safe boat. In addition, you may reef the sail allowing to sail safely even with strong wind. All this makes Laita a perfect boats for young people and children.

The normal crew is one or two, but may be three with a young crew.
The light weight of Laita makes it easy to handle and may be carried on top of a car (but check the maximum allowed weight on your own car!).
Laita is a simple boat to build and is a good project for a home builder who intends to build later a larger boat. All hull strakes are cut in advance and do not require adjustment. Chamfer are identical on all planks from aft to fore. A building frame, made of crisscrossed panels, allows building the boat without any lofting.

Laita has been selected by the French social program “Frères de mer” (sea brothers), belonging to the very famous sailing school “Centre Nautique des Glénans”. Many Laita have been built by young people within this scope. At the end of the year, all teams gather during a long week-end to sail. A first sailing day for most of these young builders!


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