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  • Attention: building this boat requires also full size patterns, or a numerically cut plywood kit.
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Seaworthy and trailer-able traditional cutter, 5.5 m long

Hull length / waterline5.50 / 4.94 mSail area25 m²
Breadth / waterline2.10 / 1.90 mOutboard motor8 hp
Draught0.57 / 1.35 mDesign category / CrewC5 / D7
Light weight / ballast830 / 150 kgBuilding time with kit900 hours
Drawing See photo albums

Following the success of Ebihen, a beautiful hull, stable and seaworthy, I have been asked to design the same boat one metre longer, as most owners wish it to be. Then, Ebihen 18 came out of my computer. She is half decked for safety, with a wide space to spend a full day wandering or fishing. It is also possible to spend a night on-board under a tent. Boat and personal equipement are stored in large lockers. Even the long sculling oar is stowed on the floorboards.
To resolve the required heavy displacement (about 1 500 kg loaded) of such a traditional hull and the possibility for it to be trailered behind a car, I have fitted a water ballast tank and a steel centreboard. The tank arrangement is quite simple : a drain plug in the hull and a dinghy-type inspection hatch cover just over. After launching, open the plug. When the tank is full, lock the plug and shut the cover. After recovering, just open both to empty. It is also possible to drain into the bilges and to pump the water out before recovering the boat.
The hull is strip planked over a criss-crossed structure made of a plywood backbone, including centreboard case, and plywood transverse bulkheads. The planking is sheathed for better resistance to chafe and to reduce maintenance. The erection of all numerically cut parts is extremely simple, without any measurement and marking, and assure a perfect result for the amateur builder and shortens significantly the labour time for the professional boat-builder.
Ebihen 18 is offered with several rig versions, in particular the gaff cutter and the two masted lug rig named flambart in northern Brittany. Both are superb, efficient, and well suited to this powerful hull. I can also draw other rigs on demand.
A well for an outboard motor, up to 10 hp, is fitted aft. The propeller is just in front of rudder for easy manoeuvering, and the handle is at helmsman reach. The motor is fully hidden under deck. A flush hatch cover allows access for its installation and start up.
A clinker version may be drawn on demand.

In 2022, the plan has been fully updated. The safety level has been improved with a centreboard which may be locked in the down position.  The building manual now includes 44 pages of 3D sketches showing in detail the building process.

More than 30 Ebihen 18 has been built both by professional builders and home builders.


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