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  • Study plans are extracts from the plans allowing the buyer to have a more precise knowledge of the plan content. If you are ordering the building plan, you do not need to order the study plan.
  • The Building plan is the basic document to build the boat. It includes a free telephone or e-mail assistance.
  • This boat may be built from the building plan only but, in order to ease construction, you may also buy full size patterns, or a numerically cut plywood kit.
  • You may also buy the CNC cutting files allowing you sub-contracting the kit to a local company.
  • The kit is to be ordered from one of my partners.
  • Postage and VAT, if applicable, are included in the shown prices.


Traditional gaff rigged day-boat

Hull length / waterline4.46 / 4.06 mSail area14.3 m²
Breadth / waterline1.68 / 1.46 m Outboard motor4 hp
Draught0.25 / 0.86 mDesign category / CrewC3 / D4
Light weight clinker / Strip planked350 / 390 kg Building time with kit500 hours
Drawing    See photo albums
Beg-Meil is a traditional day-boat, gaff sloop rigged, just like many that existed in the old days. It is elegant and seaworthy with its half-deck and varnished wood coamings. A steel pivoting centreboard (40 kg) provides stability and performance. She could be used as a day boat, in the style of old dinghies. You can sail alone, or with a crew of 3 and even 4. She is planked over plywood bulkheads, either with wooden strips or marine plywood lapstrakes. The lapstrake or clinker-built version is easier to build.
Launching and recovering from a trailer is effortless.
Hull shapes are the same as Ilur. Ilur is a reference sail and oars boat, with more than 1000 plans already sold. The first Beg-Meil, named Pepito, was launched in Carnac in July 2005. She was built by the amateur builder Benoit Brabant using a kit supplied by Icarai. See our photo album. Many others are sailing or under construction.


  1. François Vivier

    Hello Juan. This was a mistake I have fixed. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Juan

    Hey guys. I’ve seen you have the strip full size patterns by e-mail, but the clinker one just by mail. The problem is that I live in Argentina, and I’m not sure if you send mail to my country. I would like to buy the clinker full size pattern by e-mail.

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