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12 years ago, I gave you my first appointment on the web. Now I welcome you to this new web site. It allows me to post many pieces of valuable information, month after month, and most importantly it gives you the ability to make your comments and exchange ideas.

I have now a “shop” page which give a more comprehensive view of all proposed boats plans. You have sorting features, to ease finding the boat which suits your need. Study plans, which allow to learn more about the plan you contemplate to buy, may be either ordered as paper print or by pdf download. The postage fees are now included in all prices. You pay only the shown price.

You will certainly find some bugs. Please do not hesitate to report any shortcoming. I thank you for that.

If you have any understanding item, or have difficulty to make an order, send me an e-mail or make a phone call.

François Vivier

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