Three fingers down!

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“… I received the plan of the boat. We started with my son in early August the construction by the building frame. We were proud of ourselves and result. We then start cutting the hull parts. Everything was going well when …. 3 fingers down. Emmergency, ambulance, hospital, fingers transplantation. 6 days of waiting and anxiety about whether the transplant was OK, and the satisfaction of seeing your fingertips in the protective shell. Then rehabilitation center and gently the fingers regain movement.
I will get home soon and I hope to resume construction.
One day our Morbic will sail and it will be a sweet revenge.
Please continue creating beautiful boats. ”

That’s the message I received! Should I say more? except to say that the pleasure of building one’s own boat should not forget the dangers of certain tools, the risks when handling heavy loads, the toxicity of some products ….

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