Aven, my first “sail and oar” design

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Hull length: 4.60 m
Breadth: 1.45 m
Displacement : 200 kg environ
Sail area: 10 m²

Aven is may first sail and oar design. From 1982, about 100 units have been built by Chantier Naval de Loctudy. She is strip planked over steam bent frames.
Hull forms are inspired by traditional boats of Brittany, with a plumb stem and a raked transom. The “misainier” rig, a standing lug without boom, is both easy to use and efficient, thanks to her highly peaked yard. When tacking, the helmsman has just to change the sheet from side to side.
Aven is fitted with a daggerboard to improve windward ability.

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  1. François Vivier

    Aven was designed to be built by a professional, Chantier de Loctudy.
    However, it remains an excellent sail and oar design and I look forward to proposing this plan for either pro or amateur construction.
    This needs some updates and conversion of manual drawing to CAD, as well as adding dimensioned drawings.
    If you do intend to build an Aven, please tell me in order to agree on delivery date.
    Kind regards

  2. Michael Swales

    Dear Sir,
    Are the planes for this boat still available , I have see Mr Roger Barns cruising experiences, have had a look at the web site but don’t seam to be able to fine any information, please could you forward some information , I am considering building a boat and trying to glean as much information as I can to make a decision .
    Thank you in anticipation.


    Michael Swales
    Isle of Man

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