Ma Cherie, Ebihen 16 built by Wind and oar boat school, Portlan, Oregon

Small boats monthly, a web based magazine on wooden boats

Small boats monthly is a very interesting web-magazine. It contains many interesting articles for builders, owners and users of wooden boats that can be stored and maintained at an average-size home. In each issue, you will find boat profiles, adventure narrative, product reviews, techniques… I find it an excellent source of information on the type of boats we love. In particular, it includes a post on one of my designs: an Ebihen 16, built by “Wind and oar boat school” located in Portland, Oregon. Ma Cherie was built for Norm Eder, a Portland resident, avid boater, and one of the school’s board members.

I invite you to see some pictures of the construction and the boat under sail (photos Norman Eder).

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