Power boats

Motor boats have a history of over a century. This is why I offer a range of motor boats inspired by tradition. Do not look for planing hulls consuming large amounts of fuel. However, I particularly like the semi-planing hulls. They are an excellent compromise and can make seaworthy boats, energy efficient, with a speed that is twice or three times that of a displacement hull. The tradition is a great inspiration for sustainable development.

Sorine, motor version

I draw also small outboard boats, simple to build in a garage. They are often elegantly proportioned skiffs, stable and ideal for outing and fishing, at sea, in lake or river. Today, the market offers mostly plastic hulls whose aesthetic is a real insult to sailors!


Steam propulsion has its fans. This is another way to keep the memory of vessels of the very begining of power boats. The steam-boat builder must have both the taste for woodworking and the passion for mechanics.
The steam is generated in a boiler burning oil or even a more traditional material (wood or coal). The thermal energy is transmitted to the shaft by a piston engine. Unlike the internal combustion engine, steam propulsion is manifested by various whistles and reduced mechanical noise that delight the ear of nostalgia. Power is low, but the large propeller turning slowly is far more energy efficient than an outboard motor propeller.
This makes these boats very nice for navigation in sheltered waters.

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