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Doris 5m, Kurt Steiner, a new Austrian boatbuilder

Kurt Steiner first built a Stir-Ven 22 for himself, which was very well finished. Then he approached me with the project to set up as a boatbuilder and choose to build and propose my plan of Doris 5 m. It is a long and narrow boat at the waterline, therefore well suited to navigation on Austrian, Italian, German lakes. Doris 5 has the advantage of being simple to build and not lacking in elegance, especially when it is well finished, which is the case with the first boat built. Kurt asked me to tweak the plan a bit. The hull is made with the stitch and tape method, so with chines. But the sheerstrake, the top plank, is now a clinker one, making the boat more attractive. And even if your sailing locations are far from the Austrian lakes, nothing prevents you from ordering a Doris 5 m which will be entirely at ease in the open sea.

Arndorf 20, 9063 Maria Saal, Austriche
Tel: +43 664 160 170 8

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