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Plywood skiff, 12′ long, to be used as a motorboat or under oars

Long. coque / flottaison3.60 / 3.30 mVoilure0
Largeur hors bordé / flottaison1.45 / 1.22 mMoteur hors-bord4 ch
Tirant d’eau0.13 mCatégorie et équipageD3
Poids lège 80 kgTemps construction avec kit60 heures
Drawing See photo albums

Gazec 12 is a traditional flattie, with a wide transom making a stable hull well suited to a thermic or electric outboard motor. Of course, it may be used with oars. This tender is very quickly built from a CNC cut plywood kit. Parts are fitted with tenons and mortices, allowing a straightforward assembly without any building frame. Dimensioned drawings are also included in the plan package. Then you may manually cut the plywood parts and benefit the building ease.

There is a smaller version: Gazec 10

Gazec ready to be assembled


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