Bounty, 16′ sailboat

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Hull length / waterline 4.75 / 4.38 m
Breadth / waterline 1.75 / 1.48 m
Draught 0.18 m / 0.92
Weight rigged, without motor 200 kg
Sail area 9.7 m²
Motor 2 à 6 ch
Category and crew C3 / D5
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Sailing boat, the Bounty will, before anything else, be a pleasant boat. Swift and easy to rig, a quarter of an hour will be needed to pass from road to sailing conditions. An easy sailing rigging and a simple and efficient rigging accessories will allow the Bounty to reach good performances. Suitable for river navigation, the mast pivots towards the rear to allow the rigging to pass under a bridge. A thwart allows the oar option. The cut in the transom or stern panel will house a small short shaft motor compatible with the presence of the rudder.

The rigging is easy to remove, one may be able to sail with the motor; only the centerboard case will differentiate you from the motor boat.

Grand-Largue boat-builder proposes Bounty , sail version and motor version.

  • Video by Jean-Pierre Masquelier, river sailing in Belgium
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  • Bounty sailboat
  • Bounty sailboat
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  • Bounty in Saint Malo bay
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  • Bounty in Rance river

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  1. s keating

    Where does one sleep on the boat? On the floorboards or a platform. Do you have a picture of the tent erected?

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