Bounty, 16′ motorboat

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Bounty en Rance
Hull length / waterline 4.75 / 4.38 m
Breadth / waterline 1.75 / 1.48 m
Draught 0.18 m
Weight with motor 220 kg
Category and crew C3 / D5
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Designed to navigate with a motor, the Bounty motor is different from the sailing boat by the absence of a centerboard and rudder. The transom is foreseen to house either an outboard or a small electric motor. The batteries will be located in the center of the boat and the connecting cables are concealed in the liners. There is no restriction if you wish to fit your own choice of motor to the boat. On our side, we design a version where the Torqeedo Travel is particularily well integrated as a whole and at an attractive price.

During sea trials with a small 2.3 hp Honda motor, the boat speed exceeded 5 knots. This makes Bounty an ideal boat for family boating or fishing in sheltered waters.

As an option, a pair of oars will make the delight of the young apprentices

Grand-Largue boat-builder proposes Bounty , sail version and motor version.

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