Ilur “Clinker-kit”

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The most popular sail and oar boat

Hull length / waterline4.44 / 4.10 mSail area12.2 m²
Breadth / waterline1.70 / 1.46 mOutboard motor4 hp
Draught0.25 / 0.86 mDesign category / CrewC3 / D5
Light weight245 kgBuilding time400 hours
Attention: there is two Ilur plans, the historic Ilur, now named “classic” Ilur, and this new “clinker-kit” Ilur which take profit of numerically cutting to make the construction easier. The study plan is common for all Ilur versions.
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The Ilur named “Clinker-kit” is a new version of Ilur, designed in 2012 to be built from a numerically cut plywood kit. The hull planking is made of 9 mm plywood. Frames are cut into 18 mm plywood with a timber trim on all visible edges. Stem and many other structural parts are also in plywood but the look of the boat interior remain very close to the original Ilur design. All that results in a building time reduces by about 25%. Of course, the hull shape and the rigs are the same than the classic Ilur. All improvements made on the classic Ilur are also included in this new design. The clinker-kit Ilur is also lighter, and then more pleasant to row.

Ilur was designed at first with the simple lug sail in the Breton style (said “misainier” rig). A lug sloop rig is now proposed and is a valuable option. A balanced lug rig (lug sail with boom) is an other option, interesting for river or single-handed sailing. More recently, I have added a very attractive lug yawl rig.

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