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Cnc Machine

CNC comes of Age

Since 20 years, I have been proposing CNC cutting of plywood parts to make construction easier, faster and less costly for both home or professional builders. The WoodenBoat magazine just published on his website a post named “CNC comes of age“, which I invite you to read, in particular at the end the “small craft niche”. […]

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Wooden Boatbuilding Sheets

Wooden Boatbuilding sheets translation into English

All my plan packages include a set of Wooden Boatbuilding sheets giving general instructions on subjects like epoxy systems use, making laminated frames, spilling the hull planking, traditional rigs, painting and varnishing… These “sheets” come from a book on wooden boat construction published in French some years ago. I do intend to have them translated into […]

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Efficient sculling oars drawings

In the autumn of 2016, Thomas Spriet, the friendly boss of “A l’Abordage“, a French online shop that offers “everything for the classic and traditional boat” asked me to draw a st of sculling oars which are made for him and he markets on his website. I have gathered all I had on the subject and […]

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Gabian: a lateen rigged boat

For many years, I had in mind to draw a Mediterranean boat, named pointu or barquette on the French Med coast. Michel Aubert, living in the countryside near Fréjus and Cannes, gave me the chance. As most of my designs, I did not try to draw a true replica of a given traditional boat, but […]

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