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  • There is no Study plan for this design.
  • The special issue (hors-série) “Le Bouvet” includes all the drawings, dimensions, material lists and instructions to build the boat, in French.
  • Postage and VAT, if applicable, are included in the shown prices.

14′ 4” sail and oar dinghy, semi-dory type, traditionally clinker built

Hull length / waterline  4.37 / 3.82 mSail area   9.3 m²
Breadth / waterline  1.60 / 1.16 mOutboard motor   5 hp
Draught0.20 / 0.85 mDesign category / Crew   C47
Light weight (including rig)   250 kgBuilding time   450 hours about
Attention: The plans and building instructions of this boat are included into a book in French published as a special issue of the French magazine “Le Bouvet”. Therefore it is not planned to make a translation of the book into English.

The first Mesker has been built by Skol ar Mor, the most renowned wooden boat-building school in France. Mesker is built in the traditional way. There is not any plywood included in the boat. However, the semi-dory hull shape makes construction easy: limited twist of the hull strakes, no rabbet at the stem. We also use some modern techniques, for example for the laminated frame.

We have in mind to draw a modern version, with a plywood clinker hull, in 2019.

See the French side of the website for more details.


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