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Boats by professionals

PettifoxPettifox, a beautiful breton "langoustier", 11 m long,
custom built in Scilly islands

You are looking for a professionally built boat ...
Aside from mass produced boats, many small boat-builders are offering boats for more specific use or style. With Aven for wood and Seil for grp, each built at more than a hundred units, I started 26 years ago to work with professional boat-builders.
All designs included in my stock plans catalogue may be built by professional builders. I intend to continuously widen the list, mainly with larger yachts.

I have also designed many custom built boats, in particular heritage boats. According to your need and the boat-builder experience, I may provide only basic plans (lines, sail plan, scantlings...) or a complete set of drawings including detailed structure plan, specific fittings, accommodations, engine arrangement, etc...).
If the boat is to sail under a EC country flag, I will also ensure compliance with the requirements of the Recreative Craft Directive. On traditional or classic boats, even open ones, it is always possible to find solutions to get the demanded level of safety still keeping a high level of authenticity.
If a particular boat made an impression, because you sailed on board in the past, or you get touched by a boat picture of a sailing tale, it is always possible to redraw a new boat, as close as possible to the one you have in mind, on the basis of photographic or other documents. I have a large collection of plans and documents, which may complement yours.

... and for a boat-builder
I have already cooperation agreements with some boat-builders which are listed hereunder. They are used to work with me and I am sure you will get an excellent job. I am also ready to work with any other builders in your country or area, working traditionally or with modern methods.

Logo IcaraiIcarai is a company set up by my elder son Nicolas. He starts sailing when 6 months old only during a cruise to South England from Brittany. When 16, he built the first Laïta. In 1999/2000 he makes two Atlantic Ocean crossing on a 8 meters long Wharram catamaran.
Graduated as an agronomic engineer, he finally came back to his first passion.
Icarai is selling boats, kits and materials for many of my designs. 
Located in cherbourg, close to the ferry terminal, English people may easily takes a visit to his workshop.

4 avenue Louis Lumière - 50100 Cherbourg
Tel : +33 (0)2 33 41 38 91 - Fax : +33 (0)4 92 94 86 14
E-mail : - Internet :

Logo Grand LargueGrand-Largue boatyard was founded in 1998 by Pierre-Yves de la Rivière. It is located near Dinan, a beautiful historic small town in Northern Brittany, France, not far from the maritime city of Saint Malo.
Grand-Largue is selling boats and kits for Laïta, Minahouet, Stir Ven, Beniguet, Meaban...

Grand Largue
Le Saudrais, 22100  Calorguen
Tel : +33 (0)2 96 88 01 03 - Mobile : +33 (0)6 22 07 71 41
Fax : +33 (0)2 96 88 02 52 - E-mail : - Internet :

LogoSimmons & Broome Ltd. was established in 2002 as a working partnership between Mike Broome and Kaila Simmons whilst training for their City & Guilds qualifications in boatbuilding.
Three years on, they have made quite an impact on the wooden boatbuilding community with projects such as the classic cruising yacht Prima, designed by Joan Jardine-Brown and Harrison Butler, and the Iain Oughtred double-ended cruising yacht Wee Seal. As a result, they have established a reputation for workmanship of the highest quality.
I met Kaila and Broom during the June 2007 Beal Park Traditional Boat Show and was very impressed by the quality of their work.
They are mostly interested in building boats into my "classic sail boats" range.

Simmons & Broome Limited
Unit 9-11, Crepe Farm Business Park
Symondsbury, Bridport
Dorset DT6 6EX
United Kingdom

Tel : +44 (0)1297 444 381

LogoBert Reyntjes is marketing in the Nederlands my plans for home builders, providing assistance in Dutch language. He is also selling materials and kits.
We met during summer 2004 and since them had a fruitful cooperation.

de Bootbouwer
Middendrift 10
9307  TB Steenbergen (Dr.)
The Nederlands
Tel : +31 050-507 34 30