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 Historical and heritage decked boats

I have contributed to the design of many heritage or historical boats. This page presents decked ones. An other page is dedicated to open boats

Leier Eussa - Ushant pilot
Hull length:
8.20 m Breadth:
2.84 m Displacement: 7.2 t
Sail area:
51 m²

Ushant is an island in the English Channel which marks the north-westermost point of France.
Admiral Paris, in his exceptional book "Souvenirs de Marine", has published the plan of a "boat of Ushant, end of 18th century". Unfortunately this plan contains many discrepancies and inaccuracies. However, an Ushant association decided to build a replica of this boat, which seems to have been used mainly as a pilot boat, and ask me to draw the construction plans. I had to sort the truth and the wrong in the historical documents. It was a very interesting project, as it is very infrequent to get enough data to build a replica of a 18th century boat.
Leier Eussa was built in Le Conquet in 1991. She is still sailing from Ushant Lampaul bay harbour.

Jeanne J - Chaloupe of Noirmoutier
Hull length: 9.4 m Breadth: 3.10 m Displacement: 10.7 t
Sail area: 77 m²

Noirmoutier is an island located just south of river Loire mouth. Due mainly to salt marshes, Noirmoutier has been for many centuries an important center of maritime trade and fishing. Jeanne J is a replica of the traditional boats which were very active at the end of the 19th century.
The project is held by the association "La Chaloupe" which organises each summer regattas for traditional boats and classic yachts, the "régates du Bois de la Chaise".
I was appointed in 2007 to drawn the plans, from historical documents and pictures. The construction started in January 2008 by Frédéric Maingret, Chantiers des Ileaux. The boat is to be ready for sailing during summer 2009.

La Pauline - Dahouet lugger
Hull length: 9.48 m Breadth: 3.45 m Displacement: 11.5 t
Sail area: 95 m²

Dahouet is a small harbour in Saint Brieuc bay, on the northern coast of Brittany. It was very active in the past, mainly for coastal trade and Newfoundland fishing.
In 1989 people from there decided to build a replica of a fishing lugger of the beginning of the 20th century. The original La Pauline was built in Paimpol in 1901 and was known as a fast and seaworthy boat.
Only pictures of the original boat were available and the line and sail plans were drawn mainly from that.

The new Pauline was built by Yvon Clochet, now retired, near Tréguier.

Belle de Vilaine
Hull length: 10.5 m Breadth: 3.5 m Displacement: 18 t
Sail area: 97 m²

Billier is a small harbour at the mouth of river "La Vilaine", north of River Loire. Belle de Vilaine is a replica of local fishing boat which were used mainly for trawling. She has been launched in 1994.

Hull length: 11.6 m Breadth: 3.4 m Displacement: 13.6 t
Sail area: 144 m²

Paimboeuf is a harbour located alongside river Loire, between the mouth and the city of Nantes. When Nantes was the first trading harbour of France, Paimboeuf was very active.  Today, maritime activities are almost extinct. That is why an association was founded to keep alive the rich heritage of Paimboeuf. They chose to build a replica of local fishing boats of the second half of the 19th century.
These luggers were sailing in the river in winter and outside in summer. Trawling was their main job. To sail in the river and have power for trawling, they were heavily canvassed. As that time yachting was developping in the city of Nantes and some yachtmen were impressed by these boats which were fast during summer regatas.  So some of these "chaloupes" were also built as yachts and the type improves.
I was asked to design this boat on the basis on one published plan, pictures and paintings. Construction is progressing and the Paimblotine should be able to sail in 2009.

La Belle Angèle - Pont-Aven Chasse-marée 
Hull length: 14.55 m Breadth: 4.5 m Displacement: 35 t
Sail area: 160 m²

Pont-Aven is one of these harbour of South Brittany located upstream on tidal rivers. At that time, sea and rivers were the main ways for trading.
"La Belle Angèle" is a lug sail coastal trader (Chasse-Marée) designed from pictures of Pont-Aven and a particular boat, l'Utile, which was frequently calling in this harbour.
She has been built by Chantier du Guip.
Presently, La Belle Angèle is based Concarneau (South Brittany) and operated with some other traditional sail boats by Gouelia. She may be chartered for one or several days.

Corentin - Quimper Chasse-marée
Hull length: 17.2 m Breadth: 4.96 m Displacement: 69 t
Sail area: 217 m²

Quimper is the main historical city of western Brittany, located uptream of river Odet. It was an important harbour in the days of sail, but today the inhabitants have forgot this maritime past.
An association decided in 1990 to build a replica of a lug sail coastal trader of the mid-19th century.
Fortunetaly several plans of that period were available and, with pictures of Quimper harbour, I have drawn one of the most typical lugger of that time.
Like La Belle Angèle, Corentin is operated by Gouelia.

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