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Other designs: classic and traditional sail boats

You will find on this page yachts and traditional sail boats which has been custom built in most cases. Plans require additional design work for construction today but it is possible to take these as a basis for new project, nearly identical or only similar.  See my stock plan catalogue for ready to build plans.

Traditional Ilur
Hull length:
4.50 m Breadth:
1.75 m Light weight:
250 kg environ
Sail area:
12.8 m

Ilur traditionnelTraditional Ilur is in fact the first version of Ilur , designed for a lover of Morbihan gulf and built by Chantier du Guip. She was traditionaly built, planls on sawn frames, witout centerboard.
If you are interested by such a boat, please note that Ebihen (stock plan) is quite similar in size and type.

Hull length:
5.36 m Breadth:
2.06 m Light weight:
300 kg environ
Sail area:
17 m

Ilur traditionnelToulindag was also designed for a Morbihan gulf enthousiast. She is planked over steam bent frames. She is similar to Ilur, but longer.

Hull length:
8.26 m Breadth:
2.65 m Displacement:
2.6 t
Sail area:
44 m
EU category:  B

Raivavae voilure RaivavaeRaivavae is inspired from the mythic Sea-Bird, this hard chine boat designed in the US in 1901. The original Sea-Bird makes an Atlantic ocean crossing in 1911 which has been related by Thomas Fleming Day and proved exceptional seaworthy qualities. In the thirties, she has been one of the very first yachts built in plywood and it is of course this material which is also used on Raivavae.
Raivavae was designed in 1995 for an amateur builder living in a remote island of the French Polynesia, named Raivavae.
I have increased freeboard, which was very low on the historical boat, as usual in those times. I have also modified fore lines, taking in account remarks from Thomas Fleming Day on the behaviour at sea of his Sea-Bird. Raivavae is a keel boat and a gaff cutter rig was chosen. A yawl rig, as on Sea-Bird, is also an interesting and lovely option.
The builder asked me only a minimum set of plans and the construction method was adapted to local very limited material sources. It was also my last design made without computer. That is why I cannot consider it as a stock plan. Further design work would be necessary for new constructions. It is also possible to consider a very similar design with a different size (as for Sea-Bird which gave birth to a 35' version named Islander).

Falcon 28
Hull length:
8.40 m Breadth:
2.45 m Displacement:
4.9 t
Sail area:
47 m
EU category:  B

Falcon 28Falcon 28 is only a project, drawn for a yacht broker willing to propose a newbuilding in alternative to refitted old boat. She is designed in the spririt of British cutters of the early 20th century. However, she is wider than the "plank on edge" boats of that ime in order to get a good space below, with 4 berths. Hull is strip planked laid over plywood bulkheads and epoxy sheathed.

Please note that Toulinguet si a stock plan of same size and similar program, but with a different profile. The interest of Toulinguet is to be lighter and then easier and cheaper to build.

Seiz Avel
Hull length:
9.17 m Breadth:
3.2 m Displacement:
7.5 t
Sail area:
68 m
EU category:  B

Seiz AvelInspired by the Brittany lobster boats, as Babar and Pettifox (see below), Seiz Avel inherit the same seaworthy feature of these famous traditional boats and has enough volume under deck to make today an excellent cruiser.
Seiz Avel was built in 1984 by Dominique Croguennoc near Brest.
A new boat, Men-a-Vaur, on the same design but slightly longer, is presently under construction by Mickael Johnson in Indonesia.

Hull length:
9.95 m Breadth:
3.4 m Displacement:
8.1 t
Sail area:
79 m
EU category: B

BabarAlbum photos

Babar is my first design and was built in 1980 by chantier du Guip, Ile aux Moines, in Morbihan Gulf.  She is a replica of a Breton lobster boat, adapted to today cruising use : cabin, outside ballast, engine. But there is no cockpit. Only a transverse bench for the helmsman. The 40 cm high bulwark gives a good potection for crew.
Between 2000 and 2002, Pierre Raffin made a round the world voyage on board. This proved again the remarkable qualities of these traditional boats of Brittany.

Amzer Zo
Hull length:
9.96 m Breadth:
3.35 m Displacement:
11 t
Sail area:
87 m
EU category: B

Amzer ZoYvon Clochet is a traditional boatbuilder of Northern Brittany. He has built several boats on my design : An Durzunel, Enez Koalen, La Pauline and some others.
Before retiring, he decided to build a boat for himself. Amzer-Zo is a replica of a North Brittany lobster boat, gaff cutter rigged. Her lines are very close to those of La Pauline, with more transom rake.
The picture shows Amzer Zo on her launching day.

Hull length:
10.95 m Breadth:
3.77 m Displacement:
11.7 t
Sail area:
97.5 m
EU category: B

PettifoxPettifox is an enlarged version of Babar, with the aim to be closer to the original Breton lobster boats, with a strongly raked transom.  She has been built in 1992 by Alfred Hicks at St Mary, Scilly islands. Since them, she has been operated for 20 years in day charter in the Scilly waters.

See article on Pettifox in The Boatman, issue #10

Langoustier 13 m
Hull length:
13 m Breadth:
4.4 m Displacement:
18.2 t
Sail area:
120 m
EU category: B

Langoustier 13 mThe larger of my "breton lobster boat" inspired designs., with a counter stern and a yawl gaff rig.
She was built in Portugal in 1989 (picture).